Multiple identity

“I’m French, I feel Basque and Navarran, and people say I’ve got a Labortano mentality,” says Andrés Diharassarry Organbide, mayor and native of Urdax in Spain and ex-councillor over the border. The stress doesn’t look like it’s getting to him.

Golf law

Valencian minister Rafael Blasco wants to bang through a law that, citing the basic right of all humans to golf and sustainability, gives him the exclusive right to build housing estates wherever he likes, and the golf course may get finished one day. (Levante article & editorial, via Libro de Notas)

La Hierba®

Forget sects offering free painting lessons or the passionate revivalism of the Catalan communists: deranged Spain is already moving en masse into herbs, says Trapo.

An in-law you can’t refuse

Everyone and our auntie is reporting on the popularity of the new mafia studies course in Rome. Any suggestions as to which will be the first Spanish university to offer a degree in enchufismo?

That midriff glow

Terminus Café next to Barbastro bus station is said to have closed before any of its few clients managed to implement the sign’s suggestion. Barbastro was the birthplace of the founder of Opus Dei, so it was always going to be tough.

Chocolate creeps

Unfortunately this Barcelona café doesn’t actually sell sugar-rich voodoo figurines of Bush, Kerry, or Scandinavian bridesmaids’ roommates.

Word hunt

Bitneriáceo is an excellent puzzle blog. This looks easy, but I’m still foxed.

Pirates and Kleinecke’s etymology of “pidgin”

It is suggested that an old Spanish slang word has nothing at all to do with Dutch pirates but instead adds weight to David Kleinecke’s generally discarded South American etymology of the word “pidgin”.

Conspiracy, conspiracy

Enschede aan Zee -> French developer’s Flash CV in English and French. Why, tho, does his blog say “Copyright 2004 Microsoft Corporation”?