Socialists preaching inequality

Spanish socialists were against the Iraq war because they don’t think it important that other people should be able to enjoy the same basic freedoms we do, soon. José García Domínguez on new domestic PSOE-speak: “Inequality is demanded by university lecturers in their struggle to avoid evaluation. Inequality is demanded by students who want grades without exams. Inequality is the wish of state employees as they struggle to avoid identical treatment to those in the private sector. Inequality is defended by every moral, sexual and religious minority in its eagerness to elevate its marginal practices to state orthodoxy. Inequality is the plea of the nationalists in order that people may benefit from different levels of public service provision as a function of their geographical location. Inequality … is the yearning of the Great Coalition of the Resentful [who want] on the one hand a [comprehensive] assault on the public purse and on the other the legitimation of the spread of uncontrolled, privatised use of those resources.” He’s clearly wrong on (4), but I’ll buy the rest.

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