Valencian revisionism

The most important, tho poorly documented, argument employed by Valencian linguistic separatists is that, unlike other dialects along the “Catalan”-Hispanic language frontier, “Valencian” includes a Mozarab substrate. There was a lovely report yesterday on the president of the Diputación de Valencia, Fernando Giner, who went a step further and … well you read it (Spanglish version).

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  1. Is it not a crime to say that writers of 15th century who were born in Valencia were catalan? They are not alive to defende theirselves. Catalan politicians only want to have a given population in order to receive mundial recognition.

    Let’s see what would happen, if the catalanists would say that Shakespeare was also catalan.

    Each human bein is free to think what he want, as long as the other people’s rights are not denied. So, please, leave the valencian language to die or to grow healthy and independent of stranger interference.

  2. Fine Javi, but why don´t you comment on the Mozarab substrate claim? (By the way I think the Catalans say that Chaucer got his ideas from Montserrat.)

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