Catalan rustbelt

A Spanish girl and a West African man get off the train from Barcelona and start walking together along the long trackside drag into town, deep in conversation. Suddenly she starts, and crosses the road, and they pass in silence the three old men sitting on a mound on a vacant lot. At the bridge they nod to one another, and he turns right to go under it while she turns left, up into the old town.

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  1. The problems in Sant Vicenç de Castellet now regularly make the news, although generally without any understanding of the awful feeling of gloom that pervades the place. I think the first WTF incident I saw there was in a bar when a young West African girl went up to order drinks for her elderly white proprietor and they refused to serve her, and I’ve seen a number since, although not the fighting or fire-bombing. The general sense of having been abandoned is similar to that which I’ve seen in Lancashire towns, and I have no doubt that if a Spanish BNP were to emerge they would take places like this and Manresa quite easily.

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