Eggcornology: in fragranti & justing time

Missing link discovered, rationale still AWOL: just in time – justing time – jousting time. Also new to me: in fragranti (via WeirdLinks) instead of in flagrante, popular in Japan (just about work-safe) and presumably used elsewhere to refer to gentlemen apprehended in florists.

Small town estate agent

– No, we’ve got absolutely nothing suitable. It’s a very difficult market. Sorry I can’t help you… – I see you’re selling lottery tickets on behalf of the local choral society. Do you sing with them? – Yes. Why? – Well I conduct a choir in Barcelona. – Really?! We’re looking for a conductor! –…

Reducing corruption in Morocco

With mass amateurisation a reality, it’s strange to see that anti-corruption body Transparency Maroc is promoting blogging to educate the young on the subject rather than suggesting they blog corrupt officials from the local net bar. (Via MarocBlog.)