Language education obligations

To underpin their advertising pitch many webmasters use simple devices to fake the number of visitors on their site and the number of click-thrus to other sites. Nationalist crazy Francesc Ferrer’s approach is simpler: every page on his blog says it has been visited 10 times. Yesterday’s entry recounts the prosecution of some kids from La Bisbal d’Empordà in 1968 for a sticker campaign demanding Catalan-language education. He implies that the case against them turned on this demand rather than their vandalism–I wonder–but the interesting thing is his noting the existence of a UN treaty obliging signatories to provide mother-tongue education (previous post). If he’s aware of this obligation, then why are he and his so keen to continue to deprive Spanish speakers of this right? Or does ERC not plan to join the UN when it ;) leaves Spain?

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