Literary Spanglish

Yotro’s got some good Graves and something even better. Congratulations!


Someone has picked up on my pechelingue post and introduced it into the Spanish Wikipedia (“la expresión inglish pichinglish”, March 2005). A link back would have been cool, as would a scientific health warning.


Good one over at Normblog.

Rabbit rabbit

Emphatically not a rodent; possibly Herb Alpert’s true muse.

Lunching lads

Fine, but where’s the marketplace, and how long before it takes off in Spain?

Not eggcorns

Unfortunately, like peapole, I don’t think carzy (automobile-related mental condition) qualifies, creative though it is.

Fanciabulls from the NYPL image database

Catalan soldier with serpent; clearly not a trombone; Filipino guardia de vino; Catalan forge (definition, process (PDF)); Catalan knobbing furnace; Barcelona man goes to war; Garrotxa volcanoes; Catalan miqueletes; pre-Orwell Catalan barber; seasickness in Spanish Caribbean; Madrilenian crypto-Jews; Hebrew marriage contract, Gibraltar, 1826; bull kills mayor of Torrejón.