Condie & Arnie show

This is pretty off-topic, but I’m dying for her to run in 2008, with girlie-man as her post-Tonto. That would just tear the Democrats apart, seriously.


I’d have thought that trammeled was one of the family of misfits that also includes that happy couple, feck and gorm. I’m not sure about grammelot, but it might have less to do with Camelot-ish gibberish than with a kind of mad-dog parody of mediaeval Latin and the clerics who used it, a kind of…


Thanks to Mark Liberman and John McWhorter over at Language Log for raising the hit count over the last couple of weeks. The lack of feck, gorm, and posts here over the last few months has been in part attributable to my not being connected. I hope to fix this soon.


Bus drivers and Catalan social democracy.

More Spanglish

The Spain Herald seems to have stopped paying competent translators and dropped into the linguistic basement occupied by Catalonia Today last time I saw a copy. Shame!