Dutchmen and Dagos

Captain Kettle, the British Library Online Newspaper Archive and our fellow-Europeans.

Government by orifice

The ongoing Catalan construction corruption hooha in a nutshell, from the first contractor to turn king’s evidence: “Your friends take you up the arse, you take your enemies up the arse, and you apply existing legislation to the rest.”

More tongues

Crocodiles have no tongue; frogs have half, because it’s backwards, attached at the front and free at the back; men have one, the best of all, because with it they speak all languages and imitate every animal, as the philosopher Archidamos said; sea foxes [raposas marinas] have two, as I have said; women have three, because they talk with their mouth and with their fingers and heart, and their tongues are rough and sharp, like those of cats and leopards.