Men in frocks

I’m right there (well, kind of) with Jordi Orwell, David Millán, and (really!) Francesc Ferrer on (sorry, against) the “Save the Family From Men in Frocks” demo. I can understand why the PP is promoting this ridiculous enterprise: they lost the last elections because they supported liberty abroad and have come to the natural but not particularly smart conclusion that the way to win the next ones is to support repression at home. However, it’s difficult to see why the organisers think it’s A Good Thing to have along the clergy, who really do wear frocks and have an institutional record of serious physical abuse against children. As Francesc points out, the only reason the church is going to the people tomorrow is because the people stopped going to the church a very long time ago.

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  1. Genuinely interested to know where Berenike gets her “teachers are no better” stats–I thought there had been no comparative study. I fail, however, to see what point she’s trying to make.

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