Anglo-Saxon imperialism

The gentlemen in white coats are still after the author of this letter (Catalan original) to the editor of Barcelona’s La Vanguardia:

We must demolish the neo-liberal dogma that prevents us living. It is urgent that we prevent Catalonia and Europe falling into the hands of free-trade ignominy. Our fear and mortification constitute profits for shareholders in the exchanges and other speculationist [sorry] beasts whose only concern is to take charge of Europe, of social justice and of our national identity. We need to observe and analyse well the developments.

The EU and the euro will only survive if we maintain the Welfare State, the rational European social model, and reject for good Anglo-Saxon imperialism.

J.M. LOSTE ROMERO – 06/07/2005

Mr Lost belongs to the Daft Sloganeers, one manifestation of the failure of European intellectuals in general and French intellectuals in particular to cope with increasing economic and political impotence. The Incomprehensible Rabbiteers form the other face, and over the past couple of weeks not a few of them have fallen for Blair and Anglo-Saxon vices (let’s leave flogging out of this for the mo). The notoriously belief-driven Baltasar Porcel (born Mars, 1937, earth landing Paris, ca 1969) not only supported the case for change in his Vanguardia piece today but did so without the habitual haemorrhage of sub-Rive Gauche gibberish. That’s progress indeed.

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