Summer travels

Not as dramatic as this gentleman but probably better company, Steve Vaught (“The fat man walking”) is walking across the States to try to lose weight. Two local guys (“Dos en un burro”) are cheating and have a donkey pulling them. I hope it gets more Three men in a boat-ish, because there’s promise in this dialogue, recorded in Vilademuls (population ca 750), where a curious local has come up to find out what’s going on:

“And what’s this museum about?” I ask.
“Everything,” he replies firmly.
“Not everything!” interjects a woman who has also approached, “it’s about country tools.”
“But it’s got everything in it,” he replies.
“That’s true…”
“It’s better than the Dalí one in Figueres,” he says seriously.
“Yes… but it doesn’t get as many visitors,” notes the woman.
“That’s because Figueres has more PR,” says the man.

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