El mullet

Someone told me the other night that Barcelona is the world capital of mullet. The Danish allegedly call it Bundesliga-hÃ¥r, but I don’t think there’s an equivalent term in Catalan or Spanish.

(Mollet is a small town near here best known for its police school and its Islamic fundamentalists. None of them are big mulletmen, despite the mullet’s lack of negative connotations here. This is misguided in the latter case because, as Imam Al-Khoei wrote in one of his scriptural exegeses, a believer is free to shave off his beard and by implication grow a mullet if the alternative is to be mocked. However, Al-Khoei– a “wise and moderate Shia cleric” according to his 2003 Guardian obituary, an inciter to geno- and a whole bunch of other cides if you actually take the trouble to read his work–also said that aquatic pigs and dogs were pure, so he may have just been plain mad.)

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