Barcelona, world capital of street crime?

Literally everyone I know who has come to Barcelona in the past month has been robbed, most of them within an hour of arriving. With all due respect, no one gives a s**t about a new f***ing statute of autonomy. People would, however, really like some effective policing.

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  1. We have just returned from Barcelona, and from the start were ‘ripped off’ from the taxi drivers at the airport. One of whom called us ‘Inglaise puta’ A group of 7 women of various ages. (I am 57) My friend had her clutch bag, (on a wrist strap) opened, and it was only the vigilance of her daughter, that stopped the thief getting any money from it (his hand was in the bag) I had the strap on my bag half cut through, and they must have been disturbed, though my best leather handbag is destroyed. I did not get drunk, and thought I had been very vigilant on this problem of pickpockets and cut purses, seems not eh? Not a place I will be visiting again, and what is the city of Barcelonga doing about this I may ask?

  2. Roughly a fifth of the people–young and old–who I take out on walks are robbed during their stay here, and the guile:violence ratio is something like 2:3. Since the council and the police prefer not to talk about the problem, the best solution is avoid carrying anything at all in the centre and near all tourist attractions and to be philosophical about it when they finally get you.

  3. Plenty of police during the day in Barcelona city to earn money for the council through traffic and parking fines, but at night, zero police and crime has a free hand. If you are robbed don’t bother going to the police, they will shrug their shoulders and smile. Welcome to Barcelona.

  4. I’ve never visited Barcelona, and Maybe some officials are making a way to lessen the crimes that happening there but it is nit enough though.

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