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Via today’s NYT. accesses exactly the same content as and delivers the occasional gem (the amount of material published is still quite small):

Here, wrote Maragall, is something living, governed by something that is dead, because death weighs more than life and drags it with it in its fall into the tomb. (Carlos Seco Serrano, Alfonso XIII y la crisis de la restauración)

No, that’s not Pasqual Maragall talking about his role in the vertiginous decline of the Catalan regional administration of which he is president (his proposed reshuffle last weekend was vetoed by all parties in the coalition, including his own), but his equally burbly nationalist grandfather, Joan.

The two Spanish publishers mentioned, Planeta and Anaya, have considerable Catalan-language collections. It would be nice to see them up there as well. Good to see they’re getting French bookeaucrat Jean-Nöel Jeanneney for tea and buns.

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