Churchill’s granddaughter may have inspired Spanish squatters

I don’t know if Arabella inspired the younger generation the way her grandfather did the older, but the first modern mention I’ve seen is the following, from El País of 10/11/1976:

Arabella Churchill, granddaughter of Winston Churchill, has joined the London squatters and occupied the second floor of an abandoned house to open a restaurant, where she will serve low-price meals to those who share her convictions.

(Arabella Churchill, nieta de Winston Churchill, se ha unido a los squatters londinenses y ha ocupado el segundo piso de una casa abandonada para instalar un restaurante, donde servirá comidas a bajo precio para quienes compartan sus convicciones.)

(The first CORDE mention is in Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, Facundo. Civilización y barbarie (1845), where “the bad gaucho” is described as “an outlaw, a squatter, a misanthrope…, the Eye of the Falcon, el Trampero de Cooper.” A trampero is, I think, a hunter who uses tricks to capture his prey, but I don’t know who Cooper was.)

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