No shit

Barcelona Council wants to ban the caganer.

How do you do and how do you do your wife?

In I always get my sin, a new book by ex-Heineken boss, Maarten Rijkens (via Onze Taal) . Natashka over at has more. Is Dunglish funnier than Spanglish because Dutch and English are so close or because Dutch speakers are happier on thin ice?

F*** b****cks

The Dutch Association Against Swearing is about to go bankrupt.

Cycling on Spanish motorways

Des von Bladet links to the story of Anna and Ulf Ström, who have cycled all the way from sunny Sweden to snappy Spain and say that poor Spanish road-planning has sometimes forced them to cycle on motorways. Contractors are actually obliged to build service roads along at least one side of motorways if there…

Western values

Giving stuff away to illegals as a commercial gimmick is a terrible thing to do. When I meet illegals crossing from France, I ask them whether they’ve got cash and want to go to a bar, and if the answer’s no I push them into a ravine. It’s the capitalist way, and they’ve got to…

Cheeky bugger

Litus posted a little mood piece a year ago on his blog. Antoni Ibàñez / TdQ, “writer”, who’s on Litus blogroll, copied it, published it in a book, and went round reciting it and telling the world how happy he was with his prize (everyone gets prizes here). The fragment has disappeared from his site…

Karim stream

Mouse Hunter has another useful neologism: tun, as in “stay tunned”. It refers to the large casks used to hold beverages and is the alcoholic sibling of “stay cool”. (I don’t know what getting tunned is like in Tunisia, but the last time I tried it that side of the water I didn’t get any…