Patriarch of Antioch: Franks are jugulators

No word on the Berbers in Paul of Aleppo, The travels of Macarius Patriarch of Antioch – Part Two, London: The Oriental Translation Fund, 1836:

At this festival of Easter, an imperial ordinance was sent forth by the Emperor, on the subject of killing meat; for from Wallachia, Moldavia, and the country of the Cossacks, to the further end of Muscovy, they did not slaughter animals in the manner prescribed in the NόμoÏ‚ [whatever that is]; but by jugulation, after the manner of the Franks. Our Lord the Patriarch, therefore, when he was in the Emperor’s convent, informed him on this subject. The Emperor was very grateful to him for his instruction, and immediately acted upon what he told him: so that the Muscovites now slay after our manner, but after much altercation, for they had formed to themselves an opinion in opposition to the mode of slaughter practised by the Hagarenes, who stab; but their doctrine was unfounded.

Keep your bunnies away from the Hagarenes, under no circumstances allowing yourself to be seduced by WC Handy:

Just hear Aunt Hagar‘s children harmonizin’ to that old mournful tune!
It’s like choir from on high broke loose!
If the devil brought it, the good Lord sent it right down to me,
Let the congregation join while I sing those lovin’ Aunt Hagar’s Blues!

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