Noxtrum: Telefónica strikes again

The only useful feature of the new local search tool Noxtrum is the free SMS feature. Unfortunately the enterprise belongs to Spain’s disastrous, dominant phone company, Telefónica, so the service is of course unavailable.

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  • Telefónica woes

    My hosting provider is blaming yesterday’s down on Telefónica fooking oop the DNS. Conversation the other week with shop assistant employed by Movistar, the Telefónica mobile subsidiary:

    – Hello, I want to change this phone from Vodaphone to Movistar, keeping the number and using pre-pay.
    – OK, let me take your details and you can

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    Use spam calls from Telefónica as a free sex chat service and they may leave you alone.

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    Here. The Moroccan and other mafias have presumably organised a service whereby thieves phone the premium-rate number and receive a percentage of the proceeds, all of which is paid for by Welsh schoolteachers, or, if capping is introduced, by the rest of the phone company’s customers. So why is nothing done about this?

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    These two energetic logos are on one of my favourite day-off wanders: from the Plaça d’Espanya through the old backstreets of working class Sants up to Collblanc, then a slalom down through the drab poverty of l’Hospitalet, finishing up with wander down the ceramic-ridden old road back to the Plaça d’Espanya.

    The first logo adorns what is now a garage, just behind one of industrial Barcelona’s most famous monuments. The second belongs to the notoriously incompetent local electricity company, the Fecsa, now part of the Endesa group.


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