Baron von Gizman (or whoever) threads his way round the that/which dilemma by using both on the No Kill I site. (No Kill I is a band thatwhich I have never heard, and thatwhich has been involved in a disturbing voodoo chicken situation.)


Weather and currency stuff has been evicted and rehoused here to stop it slowing this demn thing down. Even proper caching didn’t help.


If history, culture, economics and a lack of soothing medication mean that Galicia is entitled to bits of Asturias and Castile & Leon, then Andalusia should hurry up and bang in a claim for the Baix Llobregat, Santa Coloma, and large parts of Barcelona.

Bush is worse than …

‘“Bush is worse than Stalin” -Hitler’ gets 30 ghits while ‘“Bush is worse than Hitler” -Stalin’ gets 822. Is this because the people who make this kind of comparison (a) haven’t heard of Stalin; (b) think Stalin was uniquely awful, an ÃœberBusch; or (c) think Stalin was actually a nice guy with some bad press?…