Killing the pig

Jayne’s got a photo here, and here’s an old joke which is told in Spain and probably in other places too:

A farmer brings home a new horse, which immediately gets sick. The farmer calls out the vet, who takes one look and says, “That horse of yours is in a bad way. Make it swallow three of these tablets every three hours and call me tomorrow.” When they’ve gone the pig comes over to the horse and says, “You’d better get out of here or they’ll kill you.” The horse shrugs and looks away.

The next evening the horse is no better, so the vet comes over again and says, “Keep him on the tablets, but this ain’t looking good.” When they’ve gone the pig says, “Look, I’m warning you. Get out now or they’ll turn you into dog food.” The horse acts like he’s asleep. Dumbo.

The next afternoon the farmer comes and looks at the horse, and then paces up and down the yard for half an hour. Then he goes in to call the vet. The pig says to the horse, “This is your last chance. Come on, get up and we’ll get you out of here.” The horse gives him a long stare, stands up and walks out into the yard. The farmer is delighted and calls the vet: “Hey, those pills worked. Bring over some beers and let’s kill the pig.”

Don’t spend too long worrying about the moral.

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