WordPress 2.0 in Catalan

… is on the way, and will be used by these folks. One of the guys behind it is Carlos Casado, who also runs this excellent Badalona blog.

Not like me at all

“Du bist Deutschland” was widely acknowledged to have been an embarrassment, so why isn’t the blogosphere ripping the zike out of the Catalan Generalitat’s even more wasteful and embarrassing “Com tu” campaign? And why aren’t the equally incompetent & similarly inspired Renfe Cercanías suing for plagiarism?

Al Ahly Football Fans

Looking forward to better news re the Islamists, and to their being allowed to participated in free elections in Libya.

Hold the presses

The Catalan Audiovisual Council, the politically appointed regional regulator, is about to announce how the referendum on the bloody Estatut should be reported “in order to avoid what happened in the Euro referendum.” If you ignore them, they’ll close you down. (The solution: house your server in the free state of Valencia, watch these particular…


–Hola, soy Trevor. –¿Cómo? –Trébol, como la planta. … –Hola, soy Trébol. –¡Como la planta! ¡Qué bonito! … –Hola, soy Perejil. –José María, encantado.


Spam this morning from Hairbrushes G. Brunhilde, Witticism H. Miscasting and Waistbands M. Doctors, among others.