God, Allah and the Hell's Angels

With the universe about to go up in flames as a result of a couple of innocent cartoons (check Belgium’s Le Soir’s take on the French Egyptian Le Soir’s problems), I wonder what the effect would be were Hans Teeuwen’s God and Allah sketch to be translated into a language more generally understood. In it he gives all the world’s major religions a hard and filthy time, with sections like the following likely to cause particular offence to those who have already failed to appreciate Howard Stern’s circus of dwarves, retards and nymphomaniacs:

And then you’ve got all those terrified sandwomen with towels on their heads…
And the camera teams asks: “Are you oppressed?”
“Ooh, I’ll have to ask my husband.”
And Allah thinks that all Dutchwomen are whores!
And he’s completely correct!
But then all those sandwomen think, Ooh, I’ll bang a towel on my head and then I won’t be a whore.
WRONG, then you’re a whore with a towel on your head!

However, he does finish with a tribute to a minor religion:

Want to know who I respect? The Hell’s Angels!
What the fack’s wrong with a couple of humungous poofters wanking each other off in a hut?
Is that really so bad?
Know what’s weird … that if you say they’re criminals then they’ll come round and give you a smack in the face and threaten you!
That’s like you call a plumber and he comes round and repairs the central heating and then he says, “If you call me that again I’ll come back and repair the tap, capisce?”

Who’s afraid of the Angels now?

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