Moment suprême of last night’s mini-botellón

After struggling for 10 minutes, a well-dressed young man manages to set fire to a container just off Carmen, steps back, takes out what looks like an expensive video camera in order to film his work, and is immediately robbed by two Moroccan lads. Try explaining that to Mummy and Daddy. Other faves:

  • Several hoodies breaking the windows of the Institute of Catalan Studies office and then not stealing the books on display.
  • A local armchair revolutionary–possibly the oldest, and certainly the smelliest and laziest–striding purposefully towards the police line with much “Hijos de puta”-ing, shoving a barman off the pavement with 50m to go, sidling past the police with his mouth firmly closed, and then wandering off in search of someone else to buy him a drink.
  • Libertarians stoning the police with bits of C17th(?) well found during a rescue dig this week.
  • A Punjabi “Excuse me”-ing his way past a policeman, teargas launcher at the ready, to try to sell a carnation to the young man who has just won the heart of his lady dear by throwing a beer bottle at said policeman.
  • Fascist-baiting over at Indymedia: The botellón is a tradition imposed by Madrid and the PP.
  • An elderly and dipsomaniac translator staggering down the street at 4:00, blissfully unaware that this night has differed from any other Friday.

While the French riot in order not to have to work, the Spanish riot in order to be able to drink, which seems to me a more positive attitude to life, although it’s unclear how it will halt the rapid deterioration in Spain’s balance of payments.

(Re Spain vs France, check this photo.)

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