More nutters

I agree with Martí Saballs on this one:

Catalan politics has become an operetta that discredits a whole people [OK, that’s not a word I’d use]. The Italianisation is so extreme that it is coming to the point of no return. The divorce between citizens and their representatives may finally achieve magnitude that the explosion could be ferocious.

It’s gone beyond stuff like small kids in the park all talking Spanish and their teacher refusing to talk to them in anything but Catalan; when you’ve got separatist councillors extorting money from civil servants in return for job security, when politicians are content with legislation that is pure and utter gibberish, when the regional state loses sight of individuals and puts all its energies into the creation of updated and soon-to-be-imposed collective identities, then you’re asking for trouble.

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  1. When I learnt Dutch in Nijenrode, they used to tell me:

    “Aan een Spanjaard, kan je nooit vertrouwen”

    I never got mad, ’cause I considered myself a Catalan, not a Spaniard (you know Alva and all that stuff).

    Recently I have learnt that “Aan een Catalaan, kan je ook niet vertrouwen”.

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