How not to achieve economic growth

The self-proclaimed left-wing regional government is continuing in its efforts to ghettoise Spanish speakers, whose school failure rate in Catalonia is more than double that of Catalan speakers and rapidly approaching the appalling figures found among African Americans in the US. Why would socialists do a thing like that? It’s (about destroying) the economy, stupid.

Spain, a moral good

Just about the only folks who subscribe wholeheartedly to the same stark raving dungbrain discourse as the separatists (albeit without the latter’s threatened recourse to arms) are our bishops.

Etymology of “the dog’s bollocks”

Wondering idle & aloud whether the origins of that outrageous compliment “the dog’s bollocks” are to be found in a time when we appreciated the finer cuts of dog. Brewery De Klok (“The Clock”) in Zottegem in Belgium used to produce a beer called Poepentsoe. This means literally “the pig’s hole (ie posterior orifice)” but…