Communist film-maker and translator Joaquim/Joaquín Jordâ died last month. One of his last productions was Veinte años no es nada, a red-tinted nostalgiamentary which traces the subsequent careers of some of the participants in the occupation and brief management by workers of the failed Numax fridge factory in Barcelona 25 years ago. Juan Manzanares and his partner became armed robbers and were captured after an attack on a bank in Valls, during which Manzanares attempted to murder in cold blood the charming and mild socialist civil governor of Tarragona, who had entered the building to intercede on behalf of hostages. The outlandishly amateurish archive film reports of the outlandishly amateurish Guardia Civil operation deserve a wider audience, but the alien spaceship moment comes when Manzanares’ trial lawyer–weary, over brandy in a bar–describes his client as a transgressor of both legality and reality. I can’t think of a nicer way of calling someone a totalitarian psychopath.

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