I’ll bet you can guess what this is about

From the showbiz section of Balitang Pinoy, a newsheet for Barcelona Filipinos:

According to the grapevine, may illicit affair ang Sexbomb girl na si Jopay Paquia at ang Manouvers member na si Joshua Zamora. Nagkalapit diumano ang dalawa during the season one taping of Daisy Siete kung saan sila magkapareha.

Nabalitaan ding iniwan ni Joshua ang asawa’t anak dahil sa lakas ng tama sa sexy dancer. Dahil dito, the estranged wife vowed na sasampalin niya si Jopay ‘pag nakita niya ito.

Pero the Sexbomb cutie denies [etc etc]

Much of the rest of the sheet is in English, reflecting the language’s importance in business and public administration. In general Filipinos here speak far better English than the locals, although (public sector) jobs in which English is a crucial skill are still almost exclusively taken by the latter.

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