He that regardeth the clouds shall not reap

I doubt even a Barcelona judge would find against a cyclist for hitting a guy who stepped off the pavement backwards while talking on his mobile and gazing at the sky, but he can sue if he wants.


I hope I am right to be wary of complete strangers who call me “bambino” in a request for information.

Montilla and Spanish

If José Montilla believes for anything more than electoral purposes that “it is impossible to understand Catalan culture without Spanish”, then maybe he’d like to explain why the website of Cornellâ ;-), an overwhelmingly Spanish-speaking city of which he was mayor till two years ago, is in Catalan only.

Felix Schlayer and the Nazis

Few here are both able and willing to read any language but their own, so there has been a sudden burst of excitement concerning the translation into Spanish of the memoirs of Felix Schlayer. Schlayer was a Swabian engineer and the inventor of the Heliaks (PDF, $$$), a helicoaxial threshing machine. He was also Norway’s…