Moors in early C20th Spain

I know much more about Maghrebis and Africans in colonial Spain than in the period up to 1936 and I’d like to correct that. Any books or articles out there? I’d be most grateful if you’d talk to me here.

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  1. Thanks, I hadn’t seen that. Someone once showed me Republican propaganda posters of Nazi-style nigger Moors and I guess there’s more out there–although not much chance that it will turn up in exhibitions.

  2. On Sunday, in a ceremony that will resound with ancient symbolism, King Juan Carlos will pay homage to the Moor Slayer on his saint day by making the annual National Offering at Santiago. The dictator Gen Francisco Franco once sent his only Moroccan general, Mohamed ben Miziam del Qasim, to make the offering. Sensitive officials covered the base of the statue with cloth to hide the decapitated heads of his compatriots.

    (The Daily Telegraph, July 22, 2004)

  3. Very good JC but a bit out of period.
    JLT: You’re right, that would be interesting.

  4. Se è non vero, è ben trovato, but why is there such a compulsion to invent stories here?

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