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Ray Girvan has found a rather special car lease site. I particularly enjoyed her robust views on the FT. If only she’d start doing bikes.

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  1. Thanks, Trevor.

    As I have emailed Ray to say, I am disappointed how little work most businesses put into their sites. You can tell Ray makes a big effort with his.

    I would love to do bikes, but I simply cannot find anyone willing to take the finance risk on them. I think a Fireblade or a BMW 1200 thing would be quite cheap on, say, a 2-year contract, especially as mileage would be sensible (say 5000 for the Honda, 10k/yr for the BMW). If you have any contacts, ideas or suggestions how I could do this, please let me know.

    For my sins, I also have a BMW RT80 1985 old rubbish thing, but it’s comfy on the motorway and entertaining (bouncy) off it.

    Thanks for the mention on your blog, as you know, every link helps!

    – Ling

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