More wicked communists

I’ve just read chunks of White on Black by Ruben Gallego (available in Spanish as Blanco sobre negro), an extraordinary collection of glimpses of a childhood spent struggling with cerebral palsy in Soviet institutions. The author was dumped there, aged 1, by his maternal grandfather, Ignacio Gallego, secretary-general of the Spanish Communist Party (PCE), who…

Phlogging a dead house

Here‘s a good bunch of Pontevedra photos by Colin Davies chronicling the frenzied destruction of those not-particularly-interesting buildings that nevertheless make Spain look the way it looks. If your dwelling is in a pre-1850 zone, then the chance is that things will stay more or less the way they are, but most everything from the…

Ling’s Cars

Ray Girvan has found a rather special car lease site. I particularly enjoyed her robust views on the FT. If only she’d start doing bikes.


Hannukit reminds me of Grandad’s Last Erection, done with three matches, although unfortunately I can’t remember exactly how.

Muffled squids

Where muffled squid was once only to be found in exclusive establishments like Hotel Termes Montbri├│, today it is merely one of 1,043 featured specials at the Chinese snack on Jovellanos in downtown Barcelona. Kalebeul Research has established that the worldwide glut of squid is due not so much to overfishing of predators like tuna…

Working like Trojans/niggers

Don Jaide over at Rasta Livewire thinks they’re closer than most others do. If Bill Clinton’s black, then I see no reason why Helen of Troy shouldn’t be too, irrespective of what the original texts actually say.

Moors in early C20th Spain

I know much more about Maghrebis and Africans in colonial Spain than in the period up to 1936 and I’d like to correct that. Any books or articles out there? I’d be most grateful if you’d talk to me here.