CIA infiltrated by Catalan separatists?

RMF@Fum i estalzí notes that the CIA thinks that 26% of the Spanish population can’t speak Spanish (0% would be closer). Since denial and sabotage of bilingualism is one of the principal strategies of Catalan separatism, does this mean that the CIA is being run by our fascist friends? Is Esquerra Republicana’s extorsionist ex-terrorist, Xavier Vendrell, collecting revolutionary taxes from them, as he attempted to do from civil servants during his party’s period in the regional government? We should be told.

(Órdago’s piece links to stuff about one of Vendrell’s party colleagues, Marcel·lí Canet. Confusingly for English speakers, Canet combined his terrorism for Terra Lliure with a job as a fireman, which in Catalan is spelt bomber.)

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