Mugger mugged (2)

There’s a piece on Barcelona pickpockets by Laura Nicolás over at Avui (MT English here–don’t worry, they’re not actually stealing postmen). I don’t often use the metro, but my impression is that the police are considerably over-exaggerating their success, and that the problem is actually increasing. Metro Line 5 isn’t hugely popular with thieves, but…

CIA infiltrated by Catalan separatists?

RMF@Fum i estalzí notes that the CIA thinks that 26% of the Spanish population can’t speak Spanish (0% would be closer). Since denial and sabotage of bilingualism is one of the principal strategies of Catalan separatism, does this mean that the CIA is being run by our fascist friends? Is Esquerra Republicana’s extorsionist ex-terrorist, Xavier…

Ciutadans spot

Here. Unfortunately I haven’t got sound (and that’s not because my ears are shrinking), but Aspen II it ain’t.

More mystifications

I continue to think “mystifications” is a better translation than “hoaxes” of mixtificaciones. Gerald Howson in The flamencos of Cadiz Bay writes of a 1950s carnaval pregonero preaching against the use of “mixtifications, modernisms and orfeonic banalities” in carnival songs. He wouldn’t have liked Silvester Paradox either.


Next month at the Filmoteca of Andalusia they’re putting on what they call an international congress under the title “Uros y Eros. Erotismo y Tauromaquia”. There’s some good stuff over at Burladero. Here’s a piece in which Albert Boadella calls–as he has done on various occasions–for the reconstruction of the link between bullfighting and the…

Where the Andalusian Smiths live

In some cases the frequency of Anglo-Saxon surnames is related more to the descendants left behind by old British mining concessions than to current emigration of retired Anglo-Saxons to the Andalusian coast.

Frequency per 1,000 inhabitants for each council district of the surname Smith

Dutch words in Catalan, Portuguese and Spanish

This is a translation of part of the chapter on Romance languages in Marius F Valkhoff’s 1943 study of De expansie van het Nederlands. The text is annotated–probably excessively and untidily so–with [additional or contrasting information] and [???] where Valkhoff has clearly found something I haven’t.

Concert-meeting, Saturday, Rambla del Raval

I should be listening to the Hot Pocket Blues Band and Gazpacho and whatever else Ciudadanos have planned, but unfortunately I’m off to sing in deepest Lleida, in the Auditori, no less. (I think “less” is the correct word.)

Another Andalusian joke

This one’s from an Eugenio tape from the early 1980s, although it also seems to be a standard Lepe joke. It relies for its effect on a homophony created by a dropped consonant, a typical characteristic of Andalusian dialects: Dos andaluces van andando por la selva y uno le dice al otro: – ¡Mira, una…