Language exams

John Chappell quotes a letter from Maria Pilar Pellegero of Ripoll in La Vanguardia as an example of the Catalan ethnocracy’s use of language exams as a means of excluding allochthones–including those from other parts of Spain–from public sector jobs. This fuckoff-ism is sometimes taken to bizarre extremes. An American acquaintance took the advanced level D exam a couple of years ago. For her oral she was asked to read two texts to the panel, the first praising to the skies the Catalan bourgeoisie and the second describing what a shitty country the US was. She’s approximately a million miles from being what one would describe as a patriot, but I believe she found it most unpleasant and duly fucked off.

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  1. A fuckoff-ism similar to the one of those who live in and from Catalonia, and spend most of their time criticizing the nation that welcomed them.

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