Fabricated anti-Semitism in Spain

Good fisking by John Chappell of a completely nonsensical piece by a troll who calls himself Ignacio Russell Cano and who publishes in the Jerusalem Post. Has the author ever visited Spain? I doubt it, but there’s a considerable volume of native anti-Zapatero lying to deal with as well–check out RMF at fum i estalzí as he tracks the myth of Zapatero’s comprehension of the Holocaust (also referred to in even more exaggerated terms in the FrontPage post). Speaking as someone who’d never dream of voting for the man, it would be cool to see the right devise a smarter, legitimate approach to winning elections, and it would be nice to see at least some of their deceits punished in court.

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  1. I don’t have access to the paper edition, so I can’t say for sure that chap has never published in the Jerusalem Post, but in the internet edition Google only returns a question in a Q&A.

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