Carnival pictures

Hope to be in them next time with a suitable weapon.

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    Gypsy Eric the Beerstainvoyant

    Here’s a photo of Gypsy Eric in his first proper job after attempting to cycle to the Ends of the Earth with two pigs, Space and Time, in his panniers. He was quite frequently stoned during the trip, and children also threw rocks at him, partly on account of his clothing but principally because of …

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    “Clos!” mutters a wealthy neighbour every time it rains, confident that doom is imminent for Barcelona’s dentally salient mayor. In fact the AA rating assigned by Standard and Poor’s to the latest offering of municipal debt is just another sign that Barcelona is in pretty good shape, [insert preposition here] 20 years of Catalan socialist rule. …

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    From DotJournalism:

    Mr Kobré, author of the photojournalism bible ‘Photojournalism – The Professionals’ Approach’, says that even leading sites in the US and the UK such as the BBC and Guardian Unlimited have often ‘ghettoised’ and ‘segregated’ pictures from text. He says that while there has been a revolution in the use of photojournalism in newspapers, online sites have gone backwards.


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