Police chase Valencian gipsy with 95% handicap steering motorised hospital bed with his mouth down Galician dual carriageway

Full points to Mr Antonio Navarro, who wanted nothing more than a peaceful beer in a brothel. (Via Absurd Diari) (I am saving my commas for a more appreciative audience.)

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  1. Colin Davies says it was a wheelchair–time to revise my camillas motorizadas. Apparently he was lusting after “dark girls with Indian features”, so he may have actually been trying to escape from Galicia.

  2. Phew, it was a bed after all. This site says that the motorised hospital bed was invented by a Brit, Mr John Ward, who also created the Bra Warmer and the Backpack Snow Machine:

    The bed’s four wheels are steered by a concealed hand control, and the double 12-volt electric motors mean that, downhill and with favourable winds, one can reach speeds of up to 7mph. Because of its electric engine, the police have no legal objection to the Motorised Hospital Bed taking to our roads. Nonetheless, these beds remain curiously rare.

    If the standard model only does 11kph, then either Antonio Navarro has had active aerodynamics and other extras fitted or the Galician police chase criminals on donkeyback.

  3. Trevor, Seems it was a bed AND a chair! We were both of us right and wrong. Cheers

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