Catalonia is Spain

The ad El País wouldn’t print.

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  1. ‘El Pais’ were probably trying to save this salivating lot from their appallingly incompetent selves. What a thankless endeavour. I would have had no such misgivings and printed the rubbish, I’m all in favour of letting ethno-fanatics of every ilk be hoisted with their own petard. And to make matters worse this is a local election…talk of caring about ‘people’s real problems’.

    I thought this party was meant to be ‘non-nationalist’ -a mind-boggling definition in terms of non new-age Social Science, anyway. cf Billig, Michael.

    The wording of the poster lends itself to instant rephrasing such as ‘Bosnia is Serbia’ ‘You know it, we fight for it’ and suchlike.

  2. Whatever you think of the poster, it was smart PR: Zapatero’s boys wouldn’t have printed it anyway, so Ciutadans get to paint the PSOE-PSC as separatist sympathisers without having to foot the bill.

  3. ‘Ciutadans get to paint the PSOE-PSC as separatist sympathisers without having to foot the bill’..which, may I hasten to add, automatically puts them where they seem to crave to belong, ie in the same league as those old neo-Francoist outfits nobody wants to vote for, except a few clapped-out Fascists. Freeloading & brilliant tactics indeed.

    I’m awed by so much cunning, shrewdness and overall excellence and retiring for the week-end to lick my wounds in my straight and simple-minded cottage in North Donegal.

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