Disappearance of Galician wolf-man explained

Manuel Blanco Romasanta (1809-?) was born Manuela because everyone thought he was a girl, and things went downhill from then on. After his wife died he became a travelling salesman of human fat and, when the law finally took an interest, he went on a CANNIBAL RAMPAGE, TEARING APART and DEVOURING nine innocents before being caught and sentenced to the garotte. Isabel II, despite not being a liberal queen, commuted the penalty to life and he was imprisoned in the lock-up in the middle of the village of Celanova, Orense. At that point he disappears from history, leaving all commentators perplexed–until now. So what happened to him? Simple: like Guillaume de Nittis, he ate himself.

[Guardsman Enric Puig i Moltó is said to have fathered Isabel’s oldest surviving child, which I guess made Alfonso XII a Catalan king, although it’s not a point I want to press.]

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