Serbs barter cows for penises

I recently had lunch with a Huescan entrepreneur who sold his dad’s cows in the 50s to buy a car, but this is ridiculous.

Update: D confirms that Srecko Djordjevic is not an anagram of for example “jive jerks cod cord” and points out that he has form:

  • A man chopped his own penis off with a rusty old axe because he was sick of having no money. […] The Serb did not explain how cutting off his penis would ease his financial worries. […] The most important thing is that his tool is back in place. All’s well that ends well,” said doctor Srecko Djordjevic, who performed the operation.
  • KRAGUJEVAC – A thirty year old man from the suburbs of Kragujevac came to Urology at the local hospital with substantual [sp?] injuries to his member and bleeding heavily. The thirty year old man, who’s identity is witheld, was depressed about being not satisfactory in bed. Drying out his options, he went to see an alternative practitioner, to whom he confessed his problems.

    Following her advice, he caught a hedgehog by the side of the road and took it home. Once he got to his house he poured warm water over the hedgehog to make him urinate. He then collected the urine into a cup and made coffe from it and then proceeded, also following the advice, to have sexual intercourse with the hedgehog. He wound up in the operating room enduring horrible pain inflicted by the thorns.

    Professor dr Srecko Djordjevic, a urology specialist at the Clinical Centre in Kragujevac, treated the man for his injuries, and said that he is feeling fine.


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