Another Oreneta

Fraternal greetings to someone else who has alighted in Barcelona and started using the Oreneta tag. I’m the one on a bicycle: no boat yet.

Grisly video footage of bullfight in Riópar, Albacete province

Village bullfighting is far more exciting and beautiful than the formalised crap on offer in big rings like Barcelona’s Monumental, but if the photo above gives some idea of the upside, the downside involves stuff like dwarf bullfighters cutting fillets off animals as they race past because they’re too short to plunge the sword in…

If there is a lawsuit, both parts have to left it to Barcelona court

The Catalan (National) Library is one of the worst and most surprising offenders. Here’s part of its exhibition loan policy: Application form has to be done at least 4 months before the inauguration of the exhibition when the number of items required would be less than 20, and 6 months before if the number of…

Rab’s family

It turns out that an occasional commenter here has a blog of his own, From Catalonia to Caledonia, in which, from a Catalan nationalist perspective, he whinges about the Spanish, the English, ungrateful immigrants and stuff. However, his family turns out to contain the odd cockatoo cuckoo too: My parents are just another example of…

Vilafranca del Penedès has a major, not a mayor

Sounds like the place is under military administration: Vilafranca is an open and welcoming town. From this permanently opened window that our web site offers to us, I want to welcome you to Vilafranca. Marcel Esteve i RobertMajor of Vilafranca del Penedès The whole translation is gibberish, whichever way you look through Major Marcel’s window.