Days now called by different method

The format used to be /mm/dd/, which made a little bit of sense but not much more and would have meant a load of pain with WP. Now it is /?mes=mm&dia=dd, which still involved a small hack to solve date problems but enables individual items to take /yyyy/mm/dd/ . Examples here if you’re confused.

Wanted: English/French/German->Spanish translator

Rate: percentage of advertising and any other revenues accruing from this site or publication in any other form or medium. So that’s probably about €2 over the next 50 years. Talk to me here.

Chopin in Marinated

The celebrated composer is being softened up in absolutely beastly fashion down at the excellent El casareño inglés‘s local. Long after the Chinese have learnt the OED by heart, Spanish bar proprietors will continue to torment the harmless drinker.

Linguistic cleansing

El llibreter quotes and comments a couple of marginalia re the Catalan purification project undertaken at the beginning of the last century by Pompeu Fabra and others, with varying degrees of xenophobia, folklorism, medievalism, and sundry other fuckedintheheadisms. I find it curious that furies continue to be focussed on the big brother, Spanish, when the…