Badly parked

Mal aparcado posts photos of absurd and illegal parking. There are often so many cars and scooters parked on the pavements in Barcelona that the only place left to walk is the road. Barcelona shots include a nice one of three Mosso-mobiles illegally parked nose-to-tail to go snacking in a bar. Anecdote: The other day two revolting pijos are gesticulating over a laptop in a chic bar on the mountain, their large and shiny Merc parked on the zebra outside. Two parking wardens come along and start writing a fine. One of the pijos goes out and in full sight of everyone presses something into the hand of one of the wardens, who wander off. The car remains where it is and more coffee is ordered.

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  1. Great site, that! As I was crossing a street outside work today, a guy parked right in front of me, blocking me from completing my crossing. “Prick,” I muttered as I walked around his car. Four paces down the street, a car which was parking backed out into the street too quickly and was clipped by an oncoming vehicle which then didn’t stop. And that was just the first 4 metres of my walk to the café.

  2. I get sheer freaking horrible claustrophobia trying to walk along pavements in Barcelona, particularly in areas like Gracia where they were narrow even before 50,000 people decided they were ideal parking space for mopeds. The traditional cyclist or pedestrian’s defence is to take off wing mirrors etc, but they’re increasingly bendy and difficult to tense. I hear from Paris that cars burn quite well, tho.

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