Depressing failed online book purchase

16/9: I purchase El último pirata del Mediterraneo from this gent on Abebooks for 17 quid, shipping speed 3-7 business days.
20/9: Book apparently sent via Correos, ETA 27/9. (That’s 16 business days after the order, but why be pedantic?)
6/11: Still no book or notification, and bookseller has had nothing returned by Correos. (You can cycle with ease to Madrid from Barcelona in a week, but I digress.)
14/11: Bookseller says book returned but he’ll send it out again if I pay the extra postage. I suggest different recipient address–various offices of Correos have a reputation for losing/stealing stuff. I also request another book he lists as in stock, but he is unable to locate it.
17/12: Still no book or notification, so I write to the bookseller.
21/12: Still no reply from bookseller, so I’ve got to go through all the hassle of getting a refund through Visa.
Some booksellers here run what look like scams, but I think this one is genuine, if slightly disorganised. My online purchasing experiences with Spanish companies (not including marvellous operations like Dell’s subsidiary) have, however, generally been bad.

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