In a ruined house on one of the variants of this walk.

PP video denouncing persecution of Spanish in Catalan schools So does this mean they’ve ruled out coalitions with the “moderate” nationalists after the elections? Or are they convinced they’re going to lose/get an absolute majority, so it doesn’t matter anyway? Or is it just Sirera farting around?

Taken by death

The famous “Kiss of death / Petó de la mort” memorial sculpture in Poble Nou cemetery, photo by the excellent izarbeltza, regularly visited on this Barcelona walk: A more earthy interpretation, from a Chinese shop, also in Barcelona:

Old lady animal fight

Two elderly ladies have just met for the first time and are sounding each other out: A: My dog is so intelligent it stands by the door and woofs whenever it wants to go out and have a poo. B: My cat is so intelligent it comes in at five o’clock in the morning and…

Tagline error in early Indian Chaplin film poster

I think the laugh/laughter thing is probably quite a hard mistake for non-natives to spot. I am consciously aware of about as much grammar as is your dog’s posterior end, so don’t ask me to explain why it’s wrong. (From CaixaForum’s exhibition.)

Window on c/ Argentona, Barcelona

I’ll try to video the festive song installation on the building of the (thriving) neighbourhood association when the rain stops.


I’m pretty sure the balconies of the building opposite have aluminosis, a structural weakness arising from the irresponsible use of aluminous cement in situations exposed to high temperatures and low humidity (see eg the trials of Mr Harvey). The Barcelona area has suffered particularly from building collapses caused by this. I have tried to be…