UPyD manifesto


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  1. Wot no Catalan version?

    And would you really rather everything was centralised in Madrid? Even the PP don’t call for that..

  2. Equalising the rights and obligations with respect to the state of all citizens, irrespective of the region in which they live, whilst maintaining devolved regional and local administrations isn’t centralisation.

    Q: Given their extraordinarily limited means, do you think that paying for translations of everything into Catalenciano, Basque, Galician, Leonese and whatever would withstand any type of cost/benefit analysis? Particularly given that all voters read Spanish, and the ones who will demand something else probably aren’t going to vote for them anyway. A devious nationalist, instead of protesting, would offer to finance all translations out of his own pocket, Mr Clarke.

  3. Hampshire? I suppose you mean straightforward, non-estuary English, dont’ you?. I wouldn’t waste my time or skills on that kind of bilge. However, I suppose Rosa Diez would come across like some kind of lesser Roman Dmowski in Polish, what with her deep-seated hatred of non-Spanish minorities. On second thoughts, I’d rather abstain.

    As you know, Hampshire’s a civilised part of the world and ideal for weekends if you’re based in London. The New Forest’s within a 2 hour drive and very rewarding in every respect. The overall mood in fact is lightyears away from the likes of narrow-minded Spanish nationalist thugs or Orange Order marching bands.

  4. Don’t go by car. It’s faster with the 9:30 AM from Waterloo and arriving in Brockenhurst at 10:55.

  5. It would be nice to translate the complete song. Its amazing!! A new party with progressit new ideas but with the same ridiculous jingle as all the parties

    Listen it here

    only a sample (in bad english, sorry) :

    “the artists don’t risk money or career to create emotions”

    It seems that Rosa loves artists, specially those who have money and careers to risk. The best example : Boadella, of course. He risks his own life every day at the scenes… he’s a hero!!!

  6. Gotta admire the singer – managing to wrap her yabber around that mess. And the Casio gaita. Hoy! Hoy! Hoy!

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