Why I buy my wine cheap from a bodega owned by ignorant peasants

They don’t screw around with it like the brand marketeers do. Fact #6 from a good post by Ryan Opaz helps us understand why a sizeable proportion of new Spanish wine is toxic piss: “Oak aged wines that come in under 10euros/dollars/pounds are 9.9 times out of ten flavored with chips/oak slats/oak tea bags. ‘Aged…

The Culture in Barcelona

The actual content is now in decent translation, but the site infrastructure remains medieval. I liked Mail of Culture, too.

Mobile phone training

Provided by the Junta de Andalucía in collaboration with Vodafone. Don’t forget your glasses, and enjoy the raffle, presumably to be held in the rest break between the Introduction and the Practice sections: The English Wikipedia says that the history of Andalusia ended with the Muslims, which seems like fair comment. The Spanish version says…

Washing machine invented in Barcelona?

I ask because the chattels of the gentlemen right fore in this early nineteenth century image of the Palace of Barcelona clearly include a front-loading automatic: Blasco de Garay, eat your heart out.

Should beginners learn colloquialisms?

An ex-English teacher says: One thing I tried to discourage the students from doing, as it happens, was pursue their interest in learning colloquial English phrases. They all wanted to do so: they thought it would show how much they knew real English, English as it is spoken and therefore English as they wished to…


Valencia, late C19: Batiste no dudó que aquellas gentes se vengarían. Conocía los procedimientos usuales en la huerta. Para aquella tierra no se había hecho la justicia de la ciudad; el presidio era poca cosa tratándose de satisfacer un resentimiento. ¿Para qué necesitaba un hombre jueces ni Guardia civil, teniendo buen ojo y una escopeta…

Outrageous anti-clerical comment of the week

–Uncle, I’ve decided to get baptised and celebrate my first communion next week. Will you be there? –Only if you buy yourself a buttplug. I’m not that easily shocked, but etc etc

History of Girona

But first, a bit of history. ‘In the 2nd half of the 3rd century it was invaded by Franks and Germans resulting in the movement of the walls.’ I can guess what this means but the image that sprang to mind was of the walls themselves growing stick-person legs and wandering around, dazed and confused.