Catalan regional telly, TV3, is a fascist fiefdom whose only quality product is syndicated football. Here’s a kiddies programme teaching them how to sing the Catalan “national” anthem (which is seen as being about killing Spaniards, hence the sickle) hand-on-heart:

As a child I found occasions involving the British anthem and flag and all that shite deeply embarrassing. I’m quite fond of the Dutch one for its melody and absurd first line, which, freely translated, goes, “Hey man, I’m William and I’m GERMAN!” Mr Wilders probably has plans to fix it, but if things don’t work out he could always move to Barcelona. Now’s a good time for sharply-priced offers.

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  1. I rather like the French and Catalan anthems… they have a revolutionary edge to them that make them quite stirring. And TV3 may not be your bag but I’ll say it again: it’s not fascist.

    You really have a bee in your bonnet about this, don’t you?

  2. Simply hair-raising. Thanks for blowing the whistle, as it were. I wonder if the Pentagon and the MoD are aware of this, possibly one of the greatest threats the Free World will be facing in years to come. The sight of those vicious, curved sickles does bring on unavoidable associations, too… my Spanish isn’t so good, but weren’t those fanaticised future storm-troopers singing a ditty about harvesting infidels’ heads?

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