Allen shite “not a decision even remotely connected with the Generalitat”

Tom’s being more naive than necessary re the latest Woody Allen crap being in Catalan and English only. Mediapro was a creature of the Generalitat in terms of finance and the Generalitat’s TV3 in terms of personnel. It also continues to count on the formidable assistance of Generalitat’s ICF, eg in the €125M required to launch La Sexta, as well as on nominally independent financial institutions like Caixa Catalunya, and the nationalists at Barcelona council have spent huge sums of money on Mr Allen. What’s been interesting over the past couple of years has been Mediapro’s bid to launch a Berlusconi-type mega-enterprise that will displace Prisa as the main media supporter and beneficiary of Zapaterism. Hence a political mask that is pro-Castro, pro-separatist etc etc stuck on an old-fashioned media machine sucking up millions in old-fashioned political patronage. I’m sure P-resident Montilla didn’t pick up the phone (does he know how to use the phone?) and say, “Hey Jaume, gimme a bit of lesbian action in Catalan”, but Mr Roures and guys like Bardem know who’s buttering their crumpet.

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  1. OK so they’re connected in the way that everything’s connected. I notice you say it ‘was’ a creature of the Generalitat. It seems to me that Roures, who is obviously more of a nationalist than yer Montilla.

    Anyway, as I said in my post, I reckon it’s all so much hooey. The film will be available in Spanish outside Catalonia, so it’ll probably be available in Spanish inside Catalonia too.

  2. “But despite generous public funding, the 12 Catalan language features produced last year were watched by just 0.8% of the region’s 24 million cinemagoers.” 24 million cinemagoers in Catalunya? But we are just 7.1 million people…do we get inmigration from elsewhere just to go to the cinema?
    Btw, I’m a lesbian and don’t appreciate the joke…ta

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